AVRO 694 LINCOLN - Designed by Roy Chadwick to Specification B.I4/43 as a AVRO Lancaster variant (originally Lancaster IV and Lancaster V with Merlin 85 and Merlin 68A respectively) with greater wing span, enlarged fuselage and increased performance. Prototype first flown June 9, 1944, with Merlin 85s; armament of paired 0.50-in (12.7-mm) machine guns in nose, dorsal and tail turrets, and bomb-load up to 14,000 Ib (6,356 kg). Production AVRO Lincoln B Mk Is entered service with No 57 Sqn at East Kirkby in August 1945 in preparation for joining Tiger Force in the Far East.

Max speed, 295 mph (475 km/h) at 15,000ft (4 572 m). Cruising speed, 215 mph (346 km/h) at 20,000 ft (6,100 m). Initial climb, 800 ft/min (4.06 mlsec). Service ceiling, 30,500ft (9,296 m). Time to 20,000ft (6,100 m), 2672 min. Range, 1,470 mis (2,365 km) with max bomb load. Empty weight, 43,778 Ib (19,875 kg). Gross weight, 82,000 Ib (37,228' Span, 120ft 0 in (36.58 m). Length, 78ft 3'/2 in (23.85 m). Wing area, 1,421 sq ft (132.0m2) .